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Deals & Workflow Management
Streamline your business with our Deals & Workflow Management feature. Effortlessly organize deals and optimize workflows for maximum efficiency, saving you time and boosting productivity.
Auto Tenancy Contract Generation
Experience seamless property management with our cutting-edge Auto Tenancy Contract Generation feature. Say goodbye to paperwork and hello to efficiency as our platform automatically generates tenant contracts, saving you time and ensuring compliance.
Agent Commission Insights & Reporting
Unlock the power of data with our Agent Commission Insights & Reporting feature. Gain valuable insights into commission trends and performance, empowering you to optimize your strategies for maximum profitability.
Extra Features

Elevating Real Estate Success: Unveiling the Extra Features of BrokersPlot, Your Cloud-Based SaaS Solution

Effortless deals tracking
Effortlessly track your rentaland sales deals with BrokersPlot. Our intuitive deal tracking feature lets you stay on top of every transaction, from initial contact to final closing. Set reminders for important deadlines, monitor progress, and ensure thatno opportunity is missed. Stay organized and close deals with confidence.
User & Role Management
The user and role management feature in BrokersPlot allows administrators to effectively manage Agent \ Finance team access and permissions within the application. It provides a robust system for controlling user accounts, roles, and permissions to ensure secure and controlled access to the application's functionalities and data.
Upload doccuments seamlessly
Tiredof drowning in paperwork? BrokersPlot's documents upload featureallows you to seamlessly upload and manageall your important files in the cloud. Collaborate withteam members, share documents with clients, and accessimportant files anytime, anywhere. Streamline your documentmanagement process and save time for what truly matters.
Finance insights
Stay on top of your finances with Brokers Plot. Our platform lets you effortlessly keep track of finance receipts, generate financial reports, and gain valuable insights into your business's financial health. Make informed financial decisions and ensure that your finances are in order, all in one place.
Property management
Brokers Plot goes beyond just deal tracking and finance management. Our platform also includes comprehensive listings and property maintenance management features. Easily manage property listings, upload photos, sched- ule open houses, and even handle property maintenance requests, all within BrokersPlot. Stay organized and in control of your listings and properties.
Never miss a payment deadline again with BrokersPlot's payment reminders. Set up automated reminders for rent payments, mortgage payments, or any other important financial deadlines, and let our platform keep you on track. Avoid late payments and stay on top of your financial commitments effortlessly.
Visualizing Excellence: A Glimpse into BrokersPlot
USERS ABOUT Brokersplot
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Ashwin Kalntri
Classic Properties

Brokersplot has transformed my real estate business! Its user-friendly, cloud-based platform allows me to manage listings, client communications, and analytics effortlessly, all in one place. The intuitive design and comprehensive features have significantly increased my productivity and client satisfaction. The support team is always responsive and helpful, making me feel valued. Brokersplot isn’t just a tool; it’s an essential partner in my business’s growth. I highly recommend it to any real estate professional looking for an authentic, efficient, and engaging solution to streamline their operations.

Questions & Answers

Brokersplot is a cutting-edge, cloud-based SAAS application tailored for real estate agents and owners. It streamlines property management, client communication, and market analysis, making your real estate business more efficient and client-focused.

Absolutely! Brokersplot is designed to be accessible and fully functional across all devices, enabling real estate professionals to manage their business seamlessly from any location, whether in the office or on the go.

Our platform offers advanced client management features, including personalized communication tools, automated reminders, and client engagement analytics, to help real estate agents build stronger relationships and enhance client satisfaction.

Brokersplot provides comprehensive support to its users, including an extensive knowledge base, responsive customer service, and regular updates based on user feedback, ensuring a smooth and productive experience on our platform.

Yes, Brokersplot offers a range of training resources, including tutorial videos, step-by-step guides, and live webinars, to help new users familiarize themselves with the platform and maximize its benefits for their real estate business.

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